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Welcome to Marin Villages!
Marin Villages' mission is to help older adults remain independent in their homes and communities, with dignity and grace. 

Did you know that Lisa Brinkmann, our Executive Director, recently spoke at the Commonwealth Club?   Yes, Lisa shared the stage with Kate Hoepke of San Francisco Village and Linda Burroughs of Villages of San Mateo County in a panel discussion on the Village Movement.   To hear the audio, click here.
The Faces of 90 video above highlights some of the amazing life stories of our community.    This event helped raise funds to support the mission of Marin Villages of helping older adults remain active, connected and independent in the place they call home. 

 Thank you to all who generously donated to this event:

Peter Abrahams &
     Connie Dubin

Lynn Allen

David and Joyce  Applen

Einar and Liv Asbo

Nancy Baglio
Kevin Barrett

Joseph Barton

Neil and Barbara Berling

Caroline Boitano

Ulrika Brattemark

William and Randi Brinkman

John & Mary Brinkmann

Lisa Brinkmann &
     Andy Eggler

Mary Brinkmann

Kathleen Burke

Marcus & Sara Byruck

Lois Cannady

Lillian Carter

Susannah Clark

Judy Cooper

Valerie Crane Dorfman

Peter & Dodie Crawford

Susan Crutchfield

Bonnie Cullison

Janet Daijogo

Zvi Danenberg

Douglas  Dasilva

Etta Deikman

Tal and Sarah Fletcher

Lee and Lyn Follett

Gerald Freedman MD

Beth Garbutt

William & Barbara Geisler

Susan Gilardi

Alejandra Gomez

Elizabeth Gravely

Irv & Catherine Gubman

Jean Gunn

Marcia Hagen

Linda and James Clever

Rod Headington

Trish Hibben

Janet & Bob Higgins

Diana Howe

Emily Johnson

Carolyn Jones

Robin Keating

Susan Keel

Maureen Keenan

Carol Kim

Anne Knuut

Lelia Lanctot

David & Patti Le Blanc

Diana Lopez

Ann Lowengart

Ann Luther

Renee Marler

Molly McGettigan

Rose Milani

Dafna Mizrahi

Elizabet Nachbaur

Chery Neal

Arnie and Corinna Neustaetter

Marly Norris

Barbara Oleksiw

Sharon Pillsbury

Valerie Pinkert

Suzie Pollak

Patty Powell

Anne Ramsay

Kathleen Rende

Jean Rhodes

Karen Robbins &
     Max Bernstein

Sara Robinson

Richard and
    Barbara Rosenberg

Lisa Salkever

Dale Satake

Ginni Saunders & David Ratner

Zoila Schoenbrun

Martha   Schwarz

Karen Shapiro

Carole Sherick

Patricia Simmons

Dorothy Slattery

Patricia Smith

Sam Sorokin

Cheryl Sorokin

Ed and Jeanne Spacek

Joseph & Sparkie Spaeth

Rachel Spector

Marica Sprinkle

Stephen Stasiowski

Sue Steele

Paul and Sarah Steenhausen

Valerie Stilson

Jack and Loulie Sutro

Carol Svetcov

Ann Swanson

Muriel Thompson

Scott and Madelon Thomson

Michalene Thone

Ann Ure

Kristina Vaeco

Catherine Vennemeyer

Claire Vincent

Rhoda Wadler

Paula Weinberger

Barbara  Weir

Rhea Wolkowitz

Mary Wood

Doug and Dellie  Woodring

Jacqueline & Piet Zuger


80 Over 80 Exhibition - Co-Sponsored by Marin Villages
Where: Bartolini Gallery, 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael

80 Over 80 is a special exhibit that will feature 80 works of art by artists over the age of eighty. This juried show will be on view at the Bartolini Gallery at Marin Center from April 19 through June 1, 2018.

2018 Year of the Older Adult in Marin
 2018 is Marin Year of the Older Adult
On January 23, 2018, the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution proclaiming 2018 Year of the Older Adult in Marin kicking off a year-long celebration of the social, cultural and economic contributions of Marin's older adults as well as raising community awareness of the diverse needs of our aging population.


View our video to learn more about us:

Our Agency seeks to address the service gap that many seniors face. We are a non-profit, volunteer-supported, membership organization that strives to help seniors age in place safely, confidently and independently. We do that by providing vetted-volunteers who assist our members with local rides, household help, pet care, tech support, office organization, companionship, and more.

Marin Villages recognizes the need to offer older adults an alternative when deciding how and where they would like to age and provide opportunities for them to remain socially engaged. 

Many thanks to our Donors and Contributors for supporting Marin Villages and helping to make our mission a reality.  

Marin Villages is a non-profit 501(c)(3).